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Three Children, One Drawer

Back when I was pregnant with Laurel, I mentioned taking a picture of how I fit clothing for all three into one drawer.  I never did that--life has been very full since then!  In fact, I took this picture a couple weeks ago and have just now gotten around to uploading it to livejournal.  So, here it is.  Willow is on the left, Roan is in the middle and Laurel is on the right.  Socks and underwear are in the small drawer above.  This really is all their clothes that are available to them right now, excepting pajamas and night gowns that are stored in the three small drawers of the trundle bed.  There is nothing hanging in the closet and hasn't been for many months.  It has really simplified things for me.  The dresses are simple folded and put into the drawer with everything else.  When Roan is done with clothes, they are pretty much worn out, but I do donate things when Willow and Laurel are done with them.

This was my dresser when I was a child and it is hard to believe that I had this full, had another chest of drawers, and had a closet full of clothes.  Even now, I only occupy two drawers in our room.  One is for clothes and one is for underthings and socks.  I don't have that much hanging in the closet, either.  We do rotate clothing seasonally, so each child and myself have a box in the basement with clothes waiting for the next season.  There are times that I wish for fancier clothes, but I do have two nice shirts and I think that's enough right now.  I seldom have the occasion to be really fancy, anyway.  Mike has the most clothes of us all, but he is hard on things like Roan, especially in his haz-mat job.


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Sep. 7th, 2015 05:37 pm (UTC)
This is a pleasure to see! So neat and tidy.

I keep both seasons in their dressers, because our "cold" season is so variable. Each girl has a smallish dresser and uses 3 of the 4 drawers (Miriam uses 2) plus hanging stuff that takes up half a closet (loosely hung; if need be we could easily fit all their clothes into one closet).

What is your laundry routine like? Do you have to wash the kids' clothes multiple times per week, and does that wear them out badly? I hesitate reducing the girls' clothes more than 10ish shirts/pants, because I don't do well with laundry more than once a week, and because I feel like I'd just shred the clothes to bits washing them so much. My kids are stain magnets, and I am lax about bibs (and don't want to do a load of bibs, which I'd have to!), so they change clothes at least once a day besides pajamas. So that's why the above system. It's interesting what works for others!
Sep. 8th, 2015 02:30 am (UTC)
Yes, Winter for you must not feel very wintry some days. It is interesting to see how others do things. For me, I was tired of picking up clothes and Willow changes a lot. So, I keep it really, really simple. She is starting to fold her clothes and put them back when asked.

Laundry happens nearly every day. We are in between seasons right now, too, and morning often start cool and warm up a lot.
When I get a full load, I wash it. They have enough clothes to go longer, but we just fell into that routine when Willow was little. I would say that each child has 6+ shirts and similar amounts of pants/skirt/jumpers. We used to go one or two weeks when it was just us. A measly two loads we had then!
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Sep. 9th, 2015 03:03 pm (UTC)
This dresser has just three drawers and the top is a small one. That this drawer has three sections seemed just perfect. :-) I thought about doing that with another chest of drawer that we have, but this one works so well.

The book is A Star to Guide Me. It has prayers for children, mostly oriented toward bedtime and a few for meals. We use is nearly every night.
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