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For the Children 2015

Willow and Roan are having a sleepover at my parents' house, so this is the day to do some Christmas work that needs a bit of secrecy.  It's time to wrap the presents.  Any more, I shop by mail and have been for some time.  You can find anything you want in the mail.  Living in a place where many big name stores are 45+ minutes away, it makes good sense.  Shipping is often less than the cost of gas in the car and inevitable snacks or meals on the way.

Pop-Up PuppetOur gift budget is a bit higher this year, more than my usual $100 or so.  Call it the Christmas that Selling Used Books Bought.  I can see how people get out of hand with their spending and gift acquisitions when there is more of a cushion.  With some unusually usual big bills due to our car purchase (we always pay many things far in advance, but couldn't do that this year), I still thought long and hard on our choices.  I took advantage of coupon codes and free shipping, of course.  I have a $5 code for Nova Natural that works all year, if anyone would like to e-mail me.  All that blabbering and excusing aside, here's what giving looks like in 2015.

Pop-Up Puppet from Fairyshadow :: This is for Laurel, the toddler who has everything.  Seriously, even in our minimalism, we are saturated with toys.  It is always hard to come up with a gift for her, also because she is two and her preferences might be limited to cheese, apple cider, and bugs.  This sweet little doll is well-made and will be a chance to learn about having gentle hands.
Doll Sling from Nova Natural :: For Willow.  She has wanted one for a long time, so here it is.  It comes in a nice storage bag.
King and Baby from Nova Natural :: As our first grade stories have a lot of royalty in them, it seemed fitting to have a small family to assist with retelling the stories.  This has been the one sticking point for Willow and I am hoping this will help.
Dump Trailer from Nova Natural :: This is for Roan, for his Unimog.  I think this must be the most bang-for-the-buck Fagus item.  It's very big and does things and doesn't cost too much.  The Wooden Wagon offers it at twice the price, oddly.  I kind of wonder if there wasn't a pricing error for Nova Natural.
Children's Pentatonic Flute from the Wooden Wagon :: For Roan.  He really, really wants a recorder, though he's just not there yet.  This little flute, I'm hoping, will be a good substitute.  Choroi offers one with just a couple holes that would likely be better, but it is not in the budget presently.  I'm going to be weighing in on recorders for young children soon.
Metal Trowel from the Wooden Wagon :: This is also for my little gardener.  Roan loves shovels and this one is just his size.  It's very good quality for the price (and it helped me to get free shipping)!
Pocket Playsilks from Sarah's Silks :: For stockings for each of the children.  I've had this idea filed away for some time.  There was a 20% coupon, so I went for it.  I feel that the weight of the silk is too light, but I think I could easily sew the pocket onto a 8mm silk scarf of the same size later on.

Each of the children will also receive used books.  Willow is getting Poppy's Babies from Brambly Hedge, Roan is getting When Spring Comes, and Laurel is getting Hannah on the Farm. There might be another gift for Laurel, perhaps something made from Toymaking With Children or The Children's Year.  And Mike, well, I am at a loss so far, beyond guitar and mandolin strings or a camera backpack (which sounds really good!).  We usually wait on gifts for each other until the last minute.

Speaking of last minute things, I've got pepparkakor dough to make and some handmade presents to find.  I hid them to keep them safe and lost them!  That will be another post for another day.


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Dec. 5th, 2015 06:46 pm (UTC)
This is all so lovely! I would love the coupon code - we're planning to order a lap loom and tool set from Nova Naturals this year. I love getting gifts from there, but Paul is grumpy about it because we got a doll house from them once that he had to put together and the pieces were all off and didn't fit together well. But oh, well! I still like them!
Ginger Schneider
Dec. 7th, 2015 03:48 am (UTC)
Yep, you chose lovely things for the children! I know they will love them all.
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