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Snow Shadows

Snowflake ShadowsAt long last, we had our first daytime snow flurries yesterday.  It's pretty cold right now, in the twenties, and windy.  The forecast for Christmas looks decidedly warm, so I am living it up for now.  I'm going to make our Advent spiral today and I'm not sure I'll have too many helpers with me.  I'm planning to do one with a spiral both in and out for easier navigation.  We'll have to do tea lights in jars, since it is supposed to be breezy.  I've got holly to gather and tree branches to clip apart and paper stars to laminate.  The stars mark where candles should be placed on the way out.

The playstands moved to the dining room, making a sort of kitchen/bookstore for the girls.  Roan still prefers his own woodwright's shop in the living room.  This time of year, I get out the snow fabric for the roof.  Years ago, like 14 or so, this fabric was part of my Pillar of Salt costume at a church Hallelujah party.  I won the prize, and there is that memory every time I pull it out for the children.  It often gets removed for costumes, but I love it best as a snowy roof for the playstands.

I did a lot of sewing this week, trying to take advantage of the warmish back porch.  There is more planned, as I still don't have all the Christmas gifts in order.  It might help me to list them here, in order to organize my thoughts and actions:

  • Egg carton fire-starters :: Using things that are normally thrown away.  Completely free and useful.

  • Bird potholders :: I still need to make these.  Carrie gave me the fabric.  It's a cut, sew, and stuff project.

  • Leaf bookmarks :: Laminated leaves from Laurel's birthday hike.

  • A few secondhand items :: Leaded crystal glasses new in the box, a puzzle, a used book.

  • Paper window stars :: I made these back in the Summer and lost them.  I am still looking!  I may be folding more.

  • Paper cranes :: From a kit from Mary Alice.

  • Birdseed ornaments :: Using gelatin and, well, birdseed.  These take a few days to dry, so I better start them tomorrow.

  • A few gift cards :: I don't think we've done these before, but Mike did get a small last minute bonus.  This will be nice for our city-dwelling family members.

  • And a couple Man Gifts :: I don't know what these will be.  Could be camping related.  I could give Mike a poison ivy remedy. . .

There is still so much to do, even though it feels as if this week will crawl by.  I have been doing well, despite some mental obstacles.  Getting the sewing done felt so nice.  I really pushed myself to do it and to keep the house super tidy, like company-ready.  I like it that way all the time, honestly.  It makes me feel more calm and accomplished, though I know it's not for everyone.  There are still places that need deep cleaning, but having the kitchen counters clear and laundry all put away is so satisfying.  Today is another day to engage my will and get things done efficiently.  There is egg nog to make and a spiral and party to have!


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Dec. 20th, 2015 05:07 pm (UTC)
Fire-starters are fabulous gifts! Why have I never thought of that? Turning free junk into something that's consumable, appreciated, hygge, annoying and petrochemical to buy, and practical.
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It was just like being in heaven, being in there. In those days there was no road. The park was all a blessed wilderness. I have often thought what a wonderful people we would have been if we had wanted to keep it that way.

~Adolph Murie, biologist, on Denali


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