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Discipline Issues

The children are modeling with wax right now and I am enjoying a little quiet time--finally!  I overslept this morning, having been up for awhile in the night waiting on Mike to get home.  By overslept, I mean 7:00, but it's still significant as I usually get up around 5:00.  It certainly meant we were a bit behind this morning, but we got it done and were all ready for the giant pizza Mike brought home for our lunch (and tomorrow's lunch and the next day's).

My workIt's been a strange week, one where everyone's personal extremes have been making appearances.  Everything seemed overstimulating and exhausting.  I was terribly sleepy at 6:30 the other evening.  I just laid on the couch while everyone played around me.  Around eight, we were all falling asleep, so we hauled ourselves to bed.  I must admit that I am cautiously looking forward to the longer days and higher (outside) energy of Summer.

Roan has stopped napping, at long last, and it has meant that I have needed to restructure our afternoons.  We can't go places, since Laurel still sleeps, but the other children need things to do.  The afternoon is Enki's traditional practice time, so I have been more vigilant about that.  I think it is time to go back to themed days.  We did some felting one day, some work with Alphabet 8's another, and some painting yesterday.  It has felt really nice to do all those things and I am looking forward to it again next week.  I think it also helps Willow, since Laurel is so needy when she's awake There is so much to do and it has felt like such a struggle to do even the basics lately.

There are always opportunities to work on self-discipline and it has been obvious to me that I have needed to do this for some time.  Maybe it is not that I was undisciplined before--I've always been productive.  I think it is that the rules and players keep changing tactics.  Yes, that is it.  Willow's educational needs have grown.  Roan's skills have increased and need outlets.  Laurel's climbing has increased(!) and needs its own adaptations.  It used to be easy to find moments of quiet and now, well, it is not so easy.  It needs lots of forethought at the time when it is the hardest.

I've been working on my handwriting again, a little each day.  It's been almost a year since I last did any practice!  My plan is to teach the Vimala alphabet to Willow next year and so I need to have a good grasp on it beforehand.  I want to make cards for the wall, similar to the alphabet and number cards we used this year.  I think it will be good for both of us.  I also plan to plan for second grade as soon as I can, since I expect it to take awhile.  I'm weighing my options, between Live Education and a secondhand copy of Enki second grade that I have had for some time.  It's not complete, so that is something to consider.

It's taken me hours to type this up.  It's now nearly 8:00.  I just got the news that our neighbor, Enid, died just a little while ago.  I could feel her slipping away for such a long time.  She was so tired.  There is more I could say about this, but not right now.

Painting Day


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Feb. 6th, 2016 03:05 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry to hear about Enid!

Yes, the changing needs is really hard to adapt to, especially if the changing needs of ne child directly contradict the changing needs of another child (i.e., more climbing from Laurel v. Willow's needing more individual attention). I always flounder for a while before we hit a groove, and then it's a really nice two weeks before needs change again ;)
Feb. 8th, 2016 11:29 am (UTC)
Her viewing is tonight. I have been remembering her all weekend with all her things around me.

I hope have more than two weeks! ;-)
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 8th, 2016 11:31 am (UTC)
Thank you.

Live Ed is a Waldorf curriculum. It's one that was recommended by Enki as a next step after theirs ended (which was grade three at the time). I heard the founder speak on a homeschool audio-recording and really liked his perspective. There's a consultation before purchase, like Enki, so I am excited to learn more.
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