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Kindergarten Plans

Roan can often be found saying that there's nothing to play with or nothing to do.  It's time--he's getting ready for kindergarten.  I'm finding myself feeling really excited and adventurous for our second round.  The first go through the Enki materials made me a little nervous, until I figured out the basic rhythm of the year.  Now, it seems easy and manageable.  And, it feels like it might be time for a little expansion.

Baby with WynstonesOur daily rhythm has been taking shape over the past 3+ years and we all feel our best when we keep to it.  I know Roan will enjoy some time each morning that is just his own.  It will take a little experimentation to see what order I should go in--him first, maybe, and then time for him to play?  That is what I am thinking.  Laurel will be along for the ride, as she has been.  First asleep in her hammock, then on my back, then circling around with the rest of us.  She can do the sweetest snail along with us now, and hearing her sing the songs later on just fills my heart.

So, my thoughts are to blend the Enki materials with some of the appropriate Grimm's tales.  Roan has heard them before, of course, but I always love to revisit them.  The Wynstones book Gateways has a number of songs and verses that go along with the fairy tales, so I am hoping to employ those.  He's always loved a good verse.  I'll never forget the time we were putting clothes in the dryer and he told me, "don't give me any more hay!"  With all that in mind, it's just a matter of picking out a story for each week, selecting nature stories, and then the occasional craft.  I would like to do more woodworking, but we'll play it by ear.

I would love to learn to do more telling of stories than reading this time around.  We have spent the second half of this year doing a lot more reinacting of stories, since retelling them was too much for Willow.  It's given me a little practice and perhaps I will learn to make some silk puppets (oh, how fun that would be!).  That part of the next year is a dream.  I don't know if it will happen, but it would be so lovely.  I feel like I have a good handle on the rest of kindergarten, so it might work out.

My current plan for Roan is two years of kindergarten.  I spent a good while thinking about it and that seems like the way to go.  Willow was almost six when she began kindergarten and it worked out well for her, but she was a girl and girls do things sooner.  It may serve us better to send a letter saying he is not ready for official school this year, do kindergarten this year, and then do another year afterward.  I'll be carefully watching for signs of grade one readiness, because I think they really do work.  Willow was clearly ready to take up academics this past Fall, so I have trust things will work out for Roan.

Speaking of the Wynstones books, I have been working hard to use more of the materials in them.  With a little courage and a recorder or flute, there is a strong base for kindergarten in their pages.  I have actually been planning circles for May and June from them and the Enki festival songs.  I still feel immeasurably blessed by the Enki materials and all they have taught me, not the least of which being to take hold of things and make them work.  I am just so excited for May day and Midsummer this year.  The everyday brings joy, in spite of the challenges, and there is always something worth celebrating.

One last note about the little cradle in the picture.  After a weekend of having guests, Laurel spent yesterday morning out of sorts.  Nothing would do, it seemed, and she kept asking for her "little wooden cradle."  We directed her to the one we have, the one I played with as a child, but no.  That wasn't it.  After our company left, we went over to pick up a cultivator for the garden and what was there with it, but a little wooden cradle!


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Apr. 25th, 2016 08:39 pm (UTC)
I really love the wynstones book so much.
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