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School Views

It's been awhile since I've done a school update, so here's a little one.  After dragging my feet about form drawing for a long time, I decided it's really time to jump in and do our best at it. We did some last year, but I ran out of steam.  I really feel that Willow would benefit from doing them on a regular basis.  Here are some "alphabet 8's" that we did last week.  This is a simple form, but it has been challenging for Willow.  In it, you make the figure eight shape over and over and then get a letter out of it.  This works for practicing: a, b, d, e, g, j, o, p, and q.  I suppose you could get c out of it, too.  You can tell by this early picture that it needs work.

Alphabet Eights

On the other hand, math comes very, very naturally for Willow.  She often does mutliplication and addition in her head during the course of the day.  I think I was similar, in some ways, though later on.  Below is a simple number finding puzzle from Enki.  The goal is to find all the ways that you can make a total of ten.  Then you count by tens and see how that adds up.  Base ten blocks are suppose to be a part of this year, but I have not gotten any yet.  I'm not sure that I will this time around.

Number Search

Here's Willow working her puzzle.  It was fun to do and there are many other such math games in the materials.  We have touched only the tip of the iceberg for math games.  Luckily, the materials repeatedly remind the teacher that trying to use everything is not good for teacher health!  That takes pressure off when life feels full enough and I'm feeling a little critical of myself.  The truth is that learning in this way is holistic for us, and the school day is just woven in with all the other learning we do.


Willow continues to make progress in her reading, and she's doing it rather independently.  She asks for help with words now and then, but she figures out many on her own.  She is starting to read the many picture books that we have.  I'll admit that I have been against the early readers that are so widely produced, in favor of just learning to read what books one already has.  We did have Dick and Jane and those stories are sweet and funny.  Others seem to lack substance or seem to be too moralistic for my preferences.  It's a personal choice and I know that I may have to take a different approach when Roan learns to read.

Speaking of Roan, he's making his own progress lately, though I have no pictures.  He went from just drawing people and ladders (railroad tracks) to drawing houses and trees, which is a wonderful place for him to be right now.  With Willow's help, he has learned the pattern of numbers to count to one hundred, and she also helps him with copying letters.  My own time with him is still devoted to movement, artistic expression and stories.  I have no real feeling of whether first grade would be appropriate next year or a more in-depth version of kindergarten with some letter stories.  It's something I'm considering very carefully, for sure.

With that, it's time to get going on my day.  Mike's headed out for a few days before Thanksgiving and there are pumpkins to roast (still more!) and loose ends to tie up.  We're reading An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving lately.  I'll have to get some pictures of that sweet book.


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Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:54 am (UTC)
You are too funny. Rosemary's letters sure show that she is doing well!
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