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Grampie's KitchenA very special and big package arrived late Monday evening.  I entered an Elves & Angels giveaway on Facebook around Thanksgiving and won!  The prize was their newest and biggest kitchen.  I was completely surprised, for certain, and I was even the first entry.  It was nearly bedtime when the UPS truck pulled up and unloaded it.

Mike and I put it together while the children excitedly watched and handed out screws.  They come with DVDs now, so it was very easy to assemble.  Willow quickly filled it with their cooking tools and food.  The old kitchen will go to some friends of ours when their little girl gets a little older.  This one really suits the play of three children better and I would have never replaced the other one on my own.

HammeringYesterday morning, the children helped me to glue in the little plugs that cover the screw holes.  As it's been very cloudy and wet again, it's been hard to get good photos of nearly anything lately.  I deleted many photos that were blurry.  Someday my skills will improve.  Oh, well.  As you might expect, they also had all kinds of fun with the big box that it was packed in.  It became a giant pizza oven yesterday with our mushroom lamp as the industrial mixer.

Speaking of ovens and giant things, I'm betting ours is preheated.  Time to go make a German pancake!


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Dec. 17th, 2014 07:10 pm (UTC)
Well, that is one beautiful kitchen! I kind of want one for myself. It's really, really cool that you won it.
Dec. 17th, 2014 07:36 pm (UTC)
It is! It's a wonderful blessing, totally unexpected and appreciated.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 17th, 2014 07:37 pm (UTC)
Yes, putting those plugs in was the highlight. :-)
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A Blessed Wilderness

It was just like being in heaven, being in there. In those days there was no road. The park was all a blessed wilderness. I have often thought what a wonderful people we would have been if we had wanted to keep it that way.

~Adolph Murie, biologist, on Denali


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