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Crafting On :: Butterflies

With a toddler in tow, many of the kindergarten crafts have fallen by the wayside.
I'm trying to add in more this Summer, while she naps, to make up for it.
Last week, we made a butterfly mobile.

Butterfly Mobile

There are various ways to do this: butterflies cut from stiff paper,
ones made from tissue paper, or these that use wool roving.

Butterfly Mobile 2

It was very easy to set up and have both children do.  I strung the thread on and Mike helped to hang it, a family effort.  I used just one part of an embroidery hoop, instead of the usual two.  Save the other half for another mobile, maybe one in the Fall.  My heart is already longing for Autumn and the raspberries are just starting to ripen.  I need to work on living in the present!

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.


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Jun. 10th, 2015 12:23 pm (UTC)
Living in the present is good, but anticipating and wishing for a beloved season is okay to do. ;)

The butterflies are beautiful!
I love hearing about your lives in these little tidbits.
Jun. 11th, 2015 10:07 am (UTC)
Thanks! You are right. I've been wondering how you were doing. :-)
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A Blessed Wilderness

It was just like being in heaven, being in there. In those days there was no road. The park was all a blessed wilderness. I have often thought what a wonderful people we would have been if we had wanted to keep it that way.

~Adolph Murie, biologist, on Denali


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