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We Need a Little Christmas

Things have a way of shifting when they need to.  This Summer has been entirely too full--too fast, too scattered, too much.  We're not the kind of family to do activities outside the home.  Even with no camps or lessons, day-to-day living has really overwhelmed me.  When I noticed that Laurel was feverish on Sunday as Mike was preparing to leave for another week away, I felt panicked.

Trimming the Tree

There's nothing like a minor illness in the house to focus things back where they need to be.  So, soft beds have been made, blankets piled high, Sparkle Stories played and endless cups of water have been handed out.  We've read a lot of books and generally had a pleasant time, honestly.

Christmas Books

We also have begun preparations for Christmas in July, as you can see.  Two trees seemed in order this year, and the children were reunited with their favorite Christmas books for a few days.  There has been lots of quiet reading and a fair amount of holiday music (and some holiday movies).

Tiny Tree

Everyone is on the mend now, but we are keeping our restful mood just a bit more. It has been a sweet week, a good time to working on being better to each other while the children also work on getting better physically.  We hope to have friends join us on Sunday evening for a meal together.


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Jul. 24th, 2015 04:36 am (UTC)
It is nice to be forcibly slowed down sometimes, isn't it. I am impressed by your positive outlooks, and hope that everyone is better but continues to act slowly :)
Jul. 24th, 2015 11:06 am (UTC)
I hope so, too. My outlook is mighty tired at the end of this week, so I'm hoping for a break for a little bit now that Mike is home.
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A Blessed Wilderness

It was just like being in heaven, being in there. In those days there was no road. The park was all a blessed wilderness. I have often thought what a wonderful people we would have been if we had wanted to keep it that way.

~Adolph Murie, biologist, on Denali


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