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The Third Light

We lit our third candle last night.  Advent is three quarters (or so) over.  It has been so warm that Roan and I both got deer tick bites.  We've been to the doctor and taken care of that (and the potential risks!).  And now, the sky is clearing off and we are calmly settled back into quiet time and our own pursuits, or sleep.  I've been doing some reading.  I have Mike print many, many pdf's for me so that I can easily read them.  I can absolutely see how reading from screens causes trouble with our ability to concentrate on printed pages.  All that said, I am trying to enter a more contemplative place this third week of Advent.

Light of Beasts

I love how the candle is leaning while the others shine on.  I think it is very representative of life these days.  So is our ever-changing Advent wreath.  Last week, it had to go to artificial greenery, since there were needles falling in our food.  The trees the greenery came from were in poor health, Carrie tells me.  And now, well, it's got the last sad red candles I could find in town.  Our others met sad end, but not while they were on fire!  It is still pretty, nonetheless, and that is what is so important in this season.

Three Lights

Laurel is awake now and keeping me in stitches as she drinks hot chocolate beside me. We love, love, love Mexican hot chocolate here.  So, farewell for now.

A Blessed Wilderness

It was just like being in heaven, being in there. In those days there was no road. The park was all a blessed wilderness. I have often thought what a wonderful people we would have been if we had wanted to keep it that way.

~Adolph Murie, biologist, on Denali


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