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Views from Here :: Long-Awaited

Here are some photos that I've been saving and have been waiting on.  The first is the Old Apple Tree.  We gave it one last serenade, one last picking, and one last picture.  You can see that it's lost a couple big branches just recently and that it's rotten in the middle.  It's final harvest is waiting for me to load up and bring home--the firewood.  This tree was one of the originals in the orchard that is on our street.  I think there is just one tree left, another Early Transparent.  This was not the Year of the Apple, but that's okay.

The Old Apple Tree

The person in charge of taking down the tree and another is, yes, Big Tom.  Do you recognize him from wayyyy back on Survivor?  I'll admit that I do not watch the show, but I did see a couple of the episodes he was on.  He's a friendly guy, has charisma, and the children enjoyed seeing his big equipment.  I was the main contact for tree pointing outing (or whatever you call it), since the bulk of the family lives far away.

Big Tom

Here's the garden annex where I pick raspberries.  This is over at the Roland Estate, as I have come to call it.  Don would be pleased to have Big Tom cutting his trees and he would be pleased to see his garden in use once more, we all agree.  There are some tomato and cucumber plants that belong to someone else (I think?  I planted them and look after them) and there are my October beans and pumpkins and squash in the back.  I've got a fence around the beans to keep the rabbits out.

The Annex

And HERE is the bathroom.  Keep in mind that this room is 6' x 6', from a day when houses either did not have indoor plumbing or when such rooms were not the place for spending a lot of time.  In fact, I know of houses that got indoor plumbing in my short lifetime, even during the period when I was in college.  It has new floors, a new tub, new shower walls, new faucets, a new sink, a new cabinet and a new vent cover.

New Bathroom

The tub is slightly smaller than our old one, which give a bit more space in the room.  It's amazing what two inches will do.  It's also amazing to have a drain that works and a tub that is not painted and flaking off!   The new shower curtain is in place, as you can see.  I've got another coat of stain to apply and then the varnishing to do.  I've also got to paint the white trim in the room (window, door, moulding).  Those are small jobs that I can squeeze in during quiet times.

New Tub

Here's the vent in the floor.  I cannot tell you how much these pleases me.  The old one was plastic was just not pretty and it looked awful no matter how I tried to clean it.  I was so thrilled to see these at Lowe's.  The kitchen floor has a vent just like this one.  It will, next year, get a floor just like this one, too.  The vinyl cost just $20.  There is an upside to working in a very small space.  The sink was the only option we had for one with storage.  That kept it to just $80.  It's not the quality we would prefer, but we did go with a better quality, tall faucet and better fixtures in the tub.

New Vent

Overall, the bathroom came in just at budget.  I about fell over with relief and disbelief when I got the invoice.  We didn't get everything we wanted, but the bathroom is set to last until we are ready to take down the walls, chisel out the plaster, put in dry wall, and really make things luxurious.  There are no more leaks and we have working drains and it's quite a bit more attractive.  You can see our old bathroom here.  It's funny to see how the house (and the paint and roof!) have changed since then.

And now, well, it's time to get dressed and size up that pile of logs.  I'm hoping for another half gallon of raspberries today, too. 


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Jul. 4th, 2016 12:22 am (UTC)
Love the Big Tom picture & the children with the apple tree! The garden & the bathroom look great! The floor vent you found is really nice - of course I've only seen your home in pictures, but it seems like it really suits your house. It's such a joy to have renovations all done, isn't it? Enjoy all of those raspberries. : ) -Stacey
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 8th, 2016 07:36 pm (UTC)
Yes, much more pleasant and happy in there now. :-)
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